Enriching Lives. . . Giving that Enhances the Student Experience

Apr 15, 2021

Each year, the Beacon Network hosts an event that seeks to inform and inspire those across our expansive community to generously give in support of the programming and priorities that make the comprehensive experiences of our students unique and meaningful. This springtime occasion highlights the interests and talents of our learners, with a multitude of artwork displayed throughout the venue as small groups perform musical renditions in a variety of expressions. With the limitations created by the pandemic, like many, we have been prompted to rethink this important cause in a manner that allows us to express with parallel enthusiasm the accomplishments of our learners and the critical ask for monetary donations.

With this in mind, we are excited to kick off the 2021 Enriching Lives Virtual Fundraiser! From Monday, April 12 through Friday, April 30, the public will have access to an extensive list of auction items through our online display. Caramel Hill, one of BNS’s long standing curricular partners, graciously donated 8 thematic book baskets, each with multiple activities and items for the highest bidder to enjoy. Game Night! Artistic Corner! Conversations Around Race! Each basket is beautifully decorated, inclusive of multiple interactive items. Friends and families of BNS have contributed amazing auction items such as airline tickets, custom cakes, handmade textiles and numerous other exciting products. Please take a moment to bid on those treasures that speak to you!

In order to provide our community with the opportunity to witness how powerful the Beacon student experience truly is firsthand, we are hosting the annual Enrichment & Elective Showcase on Tuesday, April 27 as the apex of our extended multi-week fundraising event. This will be an exciting evening of student testimonies, demonstrations and performances, reminding each of us why it is an honor to be able to financially support the Beacon Network. 

Over the next several weeks, please consider dedicating several moments of your time to Beacon Network Schools and participate in our first-ever virtual fundraising event. This is an ideal time to remind our students and staff that they are celebrated by a wide circle of supporters. . . those who fervently believe in the opportunity for all learners to discover their full potential in a personalized, student-centered environment . . . those who understand that academic experiences are most meaningful when enhanced with a wide variety of activities and opportunities . . .those who know the power of an innovative, intentional and engaging school setting . . . those who believe in the bright, limitless future of each Beacon student.

Be. Involved. . . .Be. Intentional. . . .Be. Generous. . . .Be. Innovative. . . . Be. Beacon. . . .

Be. Creative. Be. Intentional. Be. Innovative. Be. Beacon. . . 


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