The Testing Season is Upon Us!

Feb 2, 2021

Several times each year, we embark on testing season as an important part of measuring students’ academic progress. We realize that in some cases, learners do not understand the significance of these days that are divided into specific timed segments, each covering a particular topic. One of our aims as an educational community is to make testing days meaningful so we are able to gather authentic data to evaluate and use with students in the next chapter. The following suggestions are ways that parents, guardians and families are able to join us in encouraging students to perform at their highest level and maximize their potential.

  1. Sufficient rest is an important part of  being well-prepared for test days. Encourage your              student to go to bed at a reasonable time for several nights prior to a testing session.
  2.  Remind your student to bring a water bottle, as ongoing hydration is important for each of           us to perform at our highest level.
  3. Ensure your student eats breakfast on testing day, and talk with him/her about the                        importance of a healthy diet as it is directly connected to the brain’s ability to operate at a            high level.
  4. Talk through your student’s concerns around testing. For example, many students are                  concerned they will not be able to do their very best during testing. Remind them of all they        have accomplished, reminding them they are well prepared.
  5. Discover methods of helping your student prepare for testing in the days and weeks leading        up to the occasion. 
  6. After testing, celebrate your son’s/daughter’s efforts and the energy dedicated to preparing          and giving this important opportunity 100%!
  7. Finally, when you receive the results, take time to discuss them with your learner. What went      well? What areas might need additional attention and improvement? How might you assist          your student in finding ways to address these academic areas? 

Work to continuously encourage your son/daughter with regards to the academic arena. Remember the times you may have struggled at school or in the working environment, and empathize when he/she finds a concept or assignment particularly challenging. Together, we can create a mentality that readies students for the testing season in a positive, productive way. We know our students will be ready – let’s set them up for success! Be. Beacon. . . . 

Be. Creative. Be. Intentional. Be. Innovative. Be. Beacon. . . 


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