How Families Can Assist Their Students as We Move Beyond COVID

Apr 3, 2021

Familial and community support is a critical factor in students maximizing their full potential and as the Beacon Network, we strive to continuously recognize this invaluable partnership. Over the last year, the student experience has been significantly impacted by the pandemic and the “classroom” as many of us have defined it has had to be completely reimagined with extended time at home and minimal interaction with teachers, staff and other learners. For a variety of reasons this new reality presented a number of challenges to families and continues to require each of us to process the lessons learned. Most importantly, the significance of peer interactions, face time with instructors and the structure and schedules provided by the traditional school day have been highlighted by the time away from campus. Parents, older siblings, grandparents or other relatives have become one’s primary teacher in many households. Learners find sharing devices, issues with connectivity and simply identifying a quiet space conducive to learning are common obstacles to reaching their full potential. As we return to school, increase opportunities for participation in activities and co-curricular offerings and redefine the daily experience for students, we would like to offer some ways in which our families can participate in the reacclimation process for our students.

  1. Promote conversations with your student about how he/she is managing this new chapter. We know middle school students are in a developmental stage of exploring their independence while still relying on familial feedback and support.
    • Encourage your student to build/establish/nurture friendships and connections with his/her classmates. While we are clearly aware of the necessity of safety and health regulations, we recognize the importance of making connections.
      • Review your student’s grades, encouraging him/her to address any areas of concern, and equally important, celebrating areas of improvement and strength. Students are well-versed at logging on and sharing the Moodle platform with others.
        • Discuss the areas of academic concern that may require additional support as students return to school and/or during the summer. The Beacon Network will absolutely be determining the most effective method of addressing these areas for all students. At the same time, a conversation with a parent or guardian can be reassuring for the learner.
          •  Encourage! Encourage! Encourage! This is the perfect time to remind your student that all of us have and continue to experience stress, uncertainty and some anxiety around the unknowns that have defined this extended COVID19 chapter. They are not alone and together, we all will find a way forward, a way to rise above and find reasons to celebrate new beginnings.

           Beacon Network Schools eagerly anticipate the eventual return of all of our students. We have felt a sense of loss and isolation without the opportunity to interact with each of them on a regular basis in-person. Our mental health team continues to assist students and families daily, providing social and emotional support as we navigate the current circumstances. We want all of you to know we are here, we believe in our students and we will offer the necessary assistance our learners and families need throughout this chapter and beyond. This is our commitment to you.

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