Beacon Summer Learning Program 2023

May 23, 2023

Summer Learning Program

Beacon Network Schools is excited to present a summer learning program that is available to all students. This program aims to ensure that students can sustain their educational progress and be fully prepared for the upcoming academic year. Beacon Network Schools is committed to empowering students with the tools and resources they need for ongoing success. The summer learning program serves as a valuable opportunity for students to engage in meaningful educational activities during the summer break.  Keep your child engaged in their learning.


Summer Learning  Description Who When
Summer School

Students who have not met the necessary academic criteria will be mandated to attend Summer School at their designated school. Both students and parents will be notified accordingly. Upon successfully completing the Summer School program, students will progress to the next grade level.

Current 6-8th Graders June 5, 6, 7, 8 @ 9am – 1pm
Summer Homework

Beacon students will receive summer homework assignments in reading and math. The objective of these assignments is to bolster their learning and advancement as they move on to the next grade level. Students who successfully complete the homework will be acknowledged in August and rewarded with exclusive incentives.

Summer Homework:
BNS Math Summer Packets 
BNS Summer Reading 

Incoming 6th, 7th & 8th Graders June 5th through August 14th
Summer Tutoring



Selected by their teachers, students have been chosen to participate in an online summer school tutoring program provided by Colorado Digital Learning Solutions. This program is intended to enhance their preparedness when they resume classes in August. The school will cover the cost of $150.00 for this program. In addition to the online tutors, students will have access to a dedicated tutor, and the school site coordinator can provide further assistance as needed. This comprehensive support aims to ensure that students have the resources and guidance necessary to thrive academically during the summer break

Beacon/ CDLS Tutoring 
Summer Learning Flier 


Returning 7th & 8th Graders 


June 5th – July 28th*

*Students can finish earlier if they master all concepts. 

Summer Continued Learning (Online)


To keep your child actively involved in their educational journey, you have the option to enroll them in an online course with Colorado Digital Learning Solutions during the summer. To get your child signed up for the course, simply inform the site coordinator, and they will assist you with the registration process. The course fee amounts to $150, and it can be paid conveniently through the Beacon Website. When making the payment, please specify that the funds should be applied towards the summer course. Alternatively, you can visit the school in person to make the payment. This opportunity ensures that your child stays engaged in learning throughout the summer period. 

CDLS/Beacon Online Programs
Summer Learning Flier 


Returning 7th & 8th Graders 


June 5th – July 28th*

*Students can finish earlier if they master all concepts. 


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