The Right Choice is Your Choice!

Feb 13, 2021

Every year, many families spend a significant amount of time investigating educational possibilities for the upcoming school year. In this time of choice and countless options, parents and students are tasked with determining which academic setting will best meet their needs and provide learners with a meaningful, memorable and preparatory experience. While there is much to consider, we suggest you consider  the following questions while searching for your student’s ideal “classroom.”

Questions to consider: 

  • Does your son/daughter thrive in a structured environment, or does he/she benefit from more opportunities to choose and select ways of completing tasks and assignments?
  • Does your learner enjoy larger group settings, or is a smaller, more personalized environment beneficial to him/her?
  • What opportunities beyond the classroom are you looking for in terms of participation and engagement? Does your son/daughter thrive in a competitive setting or is simply the chance to experience a particular sport or activity fulfilling to him/her?
  • Do you need before and/or after care for your child? Will he/she be heading home at the end of the school day, or would your learner benefit from extended programming that introduced him/her to extra-curricular activities and new hobbies/interests?
  • Does your student have certain academic needs, such as accelerated learning options or extended time to master content and concepts? 
  • What school does the school you are considering feed into?  Right or wrong, oftentimes students stick together as they move to the next school and it’s important that the school aligns to their current school they are attending.  

It is critical to consider how each school you are considering will meet the academic, social and emotional needs of your child in the classroom and beyond. When applicable, make time to participate in tours, Open House events and other activities created for potential students and new families. Additionally, attend performances and community events hosted by the school to get a sense of the culture and priorities of the staff and students. Investigate the leadership, as the philosophy of the individual or administrative team typically drives the environment.

Be. Creative. Be. Intentional. Be. Innovative. Be. Beacon. . . 


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Food Drive Today @ GBMS

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