Happy Spring BReak – Important return to School Info

Mar 26, 2021

Happy Spring Break! 

As we return from break, please make note of the following schedule change. Both cohorts A and B will be in school M-Thursday from 8:50 am to 2:35 pm. Friday will be a Remote day, except for students placed in small groups or the center programs.

As we transition to a new schedule upon returning from Spring Break, it is important as a school community we remember the rationale and mindset collectively adopted in order to promote safety, enhance student and staff efforts to become reacclimatized to the in-person setting and thoughtfully encourage social-emotional growth in an equitable, intentional manner. 
It is imperative we work to remind students that this is a process in which we must honor the individual experience, recognizing students and staff need time and space to define this “new normal,” working diligently to ensure all health and safety guidelines are followed, we assure you that we will return to full in-person learning as the 2021-2022 school year begins and will continue expanding the flexibility in quarter 4 by adhering to the guidelines.   
Furthermore, realizing that both the 6th and 7th grade students are relatively “new” to the routines and protocols that define the everyday experience of a Beacon learner, we are developing a schedule that will provide additional days and activities prior to the first day of school in order to assist with this process.  We want all students, as well as our team, to feel welcomed, safe and comfortable as we return from the summer and are in a 5-day, full-day schedule for all involved.

Friday in person is limited to small group support and center programs. Students in small groups will be notified at a later date


GBMS Continuation & EOY EVENTS

GBMS Continuation & EOY EVENTS

6th Grade 6th Grade Picnic (5/26): On Wednesday May 26th, students will be going outside from approximately 10:30 am-12:00pm for the 6th grade picnic. As a special treat, the 6th grade picnic will feature a barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs along with shaved ice...

BNS CMAS 2021 Schedule

BNS CMAS 2021 Schedule

We will be completing our CMAS testing for students that are in-person learning or those who are fully remote but are opting into testing next week. Testing will take place on Tuesday, April 13th, Wednesday, April 14th, and Thursday, April 15th during normal school hours. Please see below for details on testing for each grade level.

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