Academic Overview

In order to ensure each learner’s potential is maximized, Beacon Network Schools has designed an academic pathway that seeks to meet the individual at his/her starting point, promoting growth in each academic area with challenging, diverse and standards-based assignments and assessments.

We believe students are best served through a series of tasks that require independent and collaborative efforts, insist one implements critical thinking parallel to respect for self and others, and expands the possibilities through exposure, reflection and experiences.

We are deeply committed to the high achievement and growth of every student, offering a rigorous, college preparatory program of study that sets high, attainable expectations with the necessry supports for all to know success firsthand. In addition to providing academic enrichment opportunities for those students in need of additional practice and extended explanation, BNS is equally equipped to challenge our learners in need of advanced programming through our Honors courses and accelerated, high school level offerings. The educational journey of each learner is unique and we hand-select the classes most condusive to moving the individual to his or her highest levels of performance in the classroom and beyond.


We realze that a strong foundational mastery of math skills is critical to every learner’s future regardless of his or her career interests. All students are challenged in a way that maximizes their mathematical potential, with classrooms organized in a manner that promotes peer to peer learning, guided practice and both small group and full class instruction.Therefore, we have created a math curriculum that affords our students the opportunity to ensure not only grade level skills are developed, but that students are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond the traditional concepts. For those demonstrating interest and need, we offer accelerated course work that will allow them to be completely prepared to embark on advanced courses in the high school setting. Additionally, through our Enrichment programming time, we have incorporated an Algebra I course for students desiring to work ahead of the traditional pacing, providing these individuals with regular support, instruction and feedback from a certified math educator.

Social Studies

We live in an increasingly connected, yet complex, world. We believe that social studies is the key to understanding the relationships between people and places across time and space. By exploring multiple perspectives surrounding themes in human history and the modern world, students gain a deep understanding of themselves and can think critically about the world around them.

Special Education

We believe all students deserve the right to a rigorous, engaging experience on a daily basis, and are deeply committed to an inclusionary model. By creating this environment for each learner, our students receiving services through the Exceptional Education Department, our aim is consistent – to continually prepare each individual for the next chapter of the academic journey while developing a mulitude of skills that will ready him or her for meaningful opportunities as a well-infomed, participatory community member. For additional information about our full inclusion programming, or one of our specialized Centers environment, please contact the school.

Advanced Programing

Beacon Schools are equipped to prepare all students for high school and beyond, inclusive of Advanced Programming that offers the inidividual additional course options when applicable in order to continue moving the learning forward. For students demonstrating aptitude, as well as those requesting to move forward at a swifter pace, we offer enhanced curricular opportuities to promote and encourage our students to extend their learning, understanding and mastery.

Language Arts and Reading

We believe a love for reading and writing empowers people to confidently navigate through life and explore the richness of the human experience.

6th Grade: The first year of middle school is designed to be a cross-curricular learning experience connecting reading and writing to a deep exploration of topics and issues that deal with the human experience. In addition to regular activities designed to help students expand their knowledge and skills in writing, conventions, and vocabulary, we will connect our writing skills to content classes- Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Sixth graders will build on writing skills to better communicate through writing, speaking, and listening.

8th Grade: This year you will hone your skills in the art of thinking, reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing by
Reading and listening short stories, articles, and poetry learning new vocabulary and practicing correct English conventions and grammar progressing toward mastery of the following writing forms: narrative/creative, expository, analytical, persuasive, and research exploring class material through discussions, projects, technology, and presentations


We believe that humans are innately curious and that science will help us solve for problems that know and those we do not yet know. Students need to understand and apply the timeless skills of scientific inquiry and the design cycle to fully participate as learners in the world.


We believe that stem provides pathways for students to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills through the application of an inquiry based process of design, rooted in thoughtful consideration of end users, in an environment that is collaborative, hands on, and fun. Through the application of cross-curricular content knowledge in solving real world problems, students gain the academic and entrepreneurial skills to make them more marketable in the global workforce.


Electives are a critical part of one’s comprehensive educational journey. Middle school students need time to explore a variety of activities in order to better understand themselves as learners, problem solvers and active participants through varied classroom and campus opportunities. We offer Visual Arts, Physical Education, STEM & Computer Science and various versions of Music. Sixth Graders participate in a rotation and spend each quarter in a different Elective setting, while 7th abd 8th grade students have the option of selecting their preferred courses.


For students choosing to challenging themselves beyond the traditional curriculum, those demonstrating a need for additional rigor and students identified as ready to exceed the foundational expectations within the classroom, Beacon Schools offer assignments and courework that require higher levels of critical thinking and extend the students’ performance. Our goal is the ensure all students recognize their full potential and when requested or recognized, learners are provided with a level of academic work that stretches beyond one’s previously determined highest performance.