enrichment opportunitiesEnrichments are designed to build critical thinking skills while igniting interest and curiosity in one’s options beyond middle school.In collaboration with community partners, parents, teachers and students, Beacon Schools offer a diversified programmatic spectrum of opportunities, allowing students to explore interests and professions that they may otherwise not experience.

These opportunities contribute to our mission of developing students wholistically, academically, personally and professionally, while preparing all learners for college and career.

Enrichment time creates personalized learning environments for individual students, as reflected in their daily schedules, fostering a unique program that empowers our students intellectually in an expansive manner. Beacon Network Schools offer a wide array of enrichment activities to all students including: advanced, intermediate and interventions in language arts and math, and classes in STEM, Leadership, Arts and Culture, Athletics, and Humanities.

    Classes are taught by BNS teachers or community providers and change every quarter. Enrichments provide students with incredible opportunities that are outside of the realm of the traditional school day, and may include field trips off campus (e.g., symphonies, plays, museums, etc.). Teachers create innovative classes to teach and share their interests and talents with students. Community-based organizations and experts in a variety of fields provide students with enrichment opportunities in school. Students have the opportunity to sign up for enrichments from a catalog of many different class offerings each quarter. BNS Middle School Sports are integrated into enrichments. Students practice daily during enrichment and play games both at BNS and at other Denver Public Schools. Every student has the opportunity to try out for any team. In addition, enrichments provide non-traditional athletic programming such as martial arts, tennis, rugby, etc. All enrichment providers are required to go through a contracting process which includes background checks. 

    The Beacon Zone provides services to Beacon Schools aligned to the BNS vision of enrichments. Services include: identification of teachers and providers to offer enrichment classes, scheduling of classes, organizing stipends, contracting with providers, fundraising and grant writing, and evaluating student interests and needs and the quality of enrichment classes and provider services